Whole Foods 4 Longer Life
Simple Steps to a Plant Based Lifestyle
Not All Food is Created Equal

We all know (well most of us do) that Food is essential to existence. The unfortunate thing is that most people have never been educated on just what FOOD is. Too many think that packaged, fast serve restaurants and drive-through represent real FOOD. Nothing could be further from the TRUTH.

Most packaged food contains extremely high levels of sugar and fats. Most packaged food contains genetically modified ingredients in one form or another. These Genetically Modified (GMO) Organisms have been manipulated by 'scientists' in laboratories and unleashed on the Planet. No controls, no testing and they are contaminating the natural food supplies of the entire Planet! No one, especially the FDA who doesn't demand testing, knows the true impact of these genetically modified 'foods' that contain animal, pesticide and other genes otherwise detrimental or deadly to humans! The real tragedy is that you never really KNOW what you are eating as the FDA won't demand proper labeling of the Food you feed your family, so you never REALLY KNOW what you are eating!

Then there is the 'fast food' industry. Boy, cheap but will eventually kill you. Loaded with fats, sugars and full of GMO ingredients, they are making people Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead! Then there is all the soda (read sugar) people drink, oftentimes with that fat ladened burger & fries from the local deadly drive-through. Go figure.

What is Real Food?

When we talk about Whole Foods, we mean mostly unprocessed natural foods that grow and are consumed mostly in their natural state. Yes, like vegetables from a garden your Grandmother might have had. Something you recognize as a naturally grown plant, fruit, nut, seed and vegetable. Since most kids have no clue, some education on what a potato actually looks like before it becomes 'fries' will be necessary! Maybe some adults will need some guidance here as well! Lets not even start to talk about zucchini.

While humans are capable of consuming animals and their byproducts, it is not in any way necessary for a long and vital life; despite what you may have been told. In fact, most kids and many adults have forgotten just where the 'beef' comes from, or the chicken, pork ribs and such. Show a kid a picture of a chicken then a serving of chicken mcnuggets and he might be confused. Show him how the chicken was slaughtered and mashed up to make that mcnugget and he (and you) might retch. Anyway, you don't have to eat animals and their byproducts to live a vital and healthy life! Enough said!

Eating a Whole Food Plant Based Diet

When we we talk about eating a Whole Food Plant Based Diet, we mean just that. Whole Foods, as unprocessed and as natural as possible. We do NOT mean a diet of only salad greens or want you to mill your own flour from whole grains (although you can do that in a Vitamix!).

The world grows an abundance of plants that people have been eating and thriving upon for millenia. It is only in the post 'modern' age that processed foods and 'fast food' has come to make up a substantial portion of the American diet (other Countries as well as they mimic the horrendous lifestyle practices of Americans and their diet).

A Whole Food Plant Based diet includes so many variations, flavors, textures it would take years just to list just some of the possibilities, combinations and recipes. Chef Nancy, has put together over 20,000 on her Pinterest site if you are interested! And, YES, they are ALL plant based and delicious of some of the best cuisine you will ever taste!

While we do recommend a focus on organic products, fruits and vegetables, it is not always possible nor financially reasonable to always eat organic. Do the best you can within the budget and availability you can manage! We definitely recommend avoiding GMO products whenever you can determine that they are GMO. Lack of proper labeling is problematic. There are phone apps that can help you with this and will be presented in the future.

Health, Wellness and Financial Benefits

Since we are not medical professionals, we cannot speak to the medical health benefits from a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet, BUT we can assure you that if you try this lifestyle, for just 30 days, you will be astounded by how you will feel. Just think of being able to rid yourself of most, if not all, your medication. What about feeling better and looking better, from the inside out? We can almost guarantee your doctor will be shocked by your blood work if you have a before and after checkup! We have to inform you to always check with your doctor before you embark on a serious lifestyle change (yea we have to say that).

The financial benefits, yes there ARE many, will be evident after the first month of this new lifestyle. We usually estimate that a REDUCTION in your monthly grocery bill by about 30% will be immediate. After all vegetables are cheaper than steak and oh, so much better for you. If prepared properly, vegetables will begin to taste better and be preferable to 'meat' soon after your first 30 days experiment.

From our personal experiences we have benefited tremendously from this lifestyle. Both in our late 60's we feel like we are 35 again. Full of energy. NO MEDICATIONS, haven't been 'sick' in years and years; it just keeps gettin better 'n better!

What have you got to loose? You have an entire LIFE to gain; one that will be more vital, full of energy, better cognitive functions and well, just a better LIFE! It certainly cannot hurt. After all it is just FOOD!